Arsenal and Manchester City game is essential, and Wenger will be decided after the game is to stay. Arsenal is currently inclined to provide a two-year new contract, if Wenger can see lead into the first four to retain the Champions League qualification hope, he may be completed renewal challenges, and vice versa may leave the coaching more than 20 Year of Arsenal. In the Premiership standings, Arsenal is currently the sixth, they are two games in the case of the second behind Liverpool 6 points. If you beat the third-ranked Manchester City, the gunmen are still likely to bite the gap near the first four Champions League area. Manchester United currently plot 52 points ranked fifth in the league, in the case of two rounds of the Red Devils from the fourth Liverpool only 4 points Walt Tkaczuk Jersey. Scholes believes that this season Mourinho can lead Manchester United into the league before 4, he said: "They have a good chance, I hope Manchester United can enter the top 4, their recent state is fantastic, despite the ranking is not too Big change this season, the Premier League competition is too intense, there are five teams in the fight before 4. Mourinho will not only be satisfied with get 4 or 5, I believe that in the next few years, he will be extremely eager Leading Manchester United to win the league championship. England and Germany warm-up match, Livermore wearing No. 7 jersey starting lineup, his last time on behalf of the national team competition or 2012 Chris Kreider Jersey. In the game, West Brom midfielder's performance is excellent, but also won the praise of the British media. But then the contest with the Lithuanian World Cup, Livermore did not get the opportunity to debut Dylan Mcilrath Jersey, however, he has proved himself capable of foothold in the three lions Marek Hrivik Jersey.