Emenello is the technical director of Chelsea, the Nigerians help the Blues in Europe to establish a large and complex signings system, so he won the trust of Chelsea boss Abramovich, in the club's signings, Egypt Mena Luo also has a certain right to speak. Barkley in his first seven times in the national team's game did not get the opportunity to play, but he completed 67 key passes this season, which is the most players in England. The lack of national team game time has let those who think Barkley status is good fans dissatisfaction, Barkley's creativity will undoubtedly help England to better pursue victory. On the other side, Liverpool's Philipino finished 57 key passes this season Nick Holden Jersey, ranking ninth, higher than Chelsea's Azar. The most creative offensive group in the Premier League is also on this list Dan Boyle Jersey, Manchester City - Silva (59) and Debreu (76) Brandon Pirri Jersey, while the latter is also the Premier League to create the key pass this season The second more player Tanner Glass Jersey.