In the Conti's 343 system, the center position is very important Tanner Glass Jersey, although he has a Diego - Costa, but the DC by the Tianjin righteous and Madrid athletic attention, therefore Derek Stepan Jersey, Chelsea hope this summer to spend 70 million euros to introduce a Super center. British "Sun" news, on the introduction of which center, Conti and club technical director Emina Nuo made differences, the former optimistic Mora tower, while the latter recognized Lukaku Mark Messier Jersey. If you count the performance in Marseille, Peyer is the season the European five league came the most critical players (89 times). His excellent vision and outstanding free kick ability to help the team ripped the opponent's defense. Peyer this season, 74 times the key pass data also let him row in the Premiership manufacturing opportunities in the top ten players, the only one before the England players. Sanchez has expressed his willingness to play for a winning London team, the British media that Chilean striker hinted willing to join Chelsea. At a press conference later today, Wenger responded to Sanchez's remarks, noting that there was only one team in London, suggesting that Arsenal was the only giants of London, which would inevitably lead to a discussion Kevin Hayes Jersey.