Manchester United two other wounded were knocked down by the FIFA virus Chris Kreider Jersey, Phil Jones injured in the training of England, he did not participate in the England team game Dan Girardi Jersey, the media said he will truce for 4 weeks; Smolin then also in England Of the training was injured, the media photographed Smolling right leg wearing a fixed device, it seems not hurt the light. Mourinho today confirmed that Manchester United will have at least five players missed the West Brom Ryan McDonagh Jersey, Bird Uncle said: "We lost four players, I think Borgba also can not play, so we lost five players." Currently Mourinho is still anxiously waiting for Romero, Antonio - Valencia and Rojo returned from South America, and then to determine his weekend game plan. 2017 winter window, Mourinho would like to check in two guards, and in the winter window open three weeks before the study of Benfica defender Lindelov, but Rojo, Jones's outstanding performance to Mourinho final decision Not in the winter window signings Viktor Stalberg Jersey. In fact, the media has long been informed that Mourinho would like to check in Atletico Attic, but Uruguay Zhongwei decided to stay in Atletico, while the bed of the Legion to Manchester United recommended Jimenez.